The Black Wolf ~In The Company Of Killers~ by JA Redmerski


Well this book. I mean where do I begin. I think I’ll struggle to put this review into words because it blew my fucking mind and I have so much to say but there is that pesky thing called spoilers lol.

Let’s start with Niklas Fleischer as he was the main focus in this book!!! FML I knew I’d love him but I didn’t realise just how much. He was sexy as fuck which come on we knew he would be. Butttt he was surprisingly funny and kinda sweet in his own demented way.


Butttt he also has this side. This side that scares and thrill you all at once. He can play whoever he needs to at any given moment. And he can be whoever he needs to be at any given moment also. He played everyone including me!!! But I love love love him. I need more. So much more. He really is The Black Wolf.


Then you had the likes of Nora and Fracesca. FML these bitches scare the absolute shit out of me. That’s all you need to know. They are crazy and demented and psychotic and the dark side of me fucking loved it!!!!

And Victor and Izabel well they are so very special to me. Victor Faust is still as controlled now as he was when we first met him. He hasn’t changed, and even his love for Izabel hasn’t changed him. Izabel may make him think twice about certain situations but when it comes right down to it no he is still Victor. Izabel I mean I have crazy love for her. I think she’s strong and a smart woman. Sometimes she fucks up yes, but what sets her part from the rest is she has her humanity and I for one thinks she should hold onto that as long as she can hold onto it because it makes her so damn unique.


And obviously I can’t forget my main killer Fredrik Gustavsson. He is life. He is amazing. He hurts my heart. He makes me feel giddy. He is pretty dark. His inner thoughts will scare the life outta you then turn you on too. Or is that just me? Lol. All I know is I can never get enough of him. I think most people that read this series will find Fredrik the most intriguing of them all.


So what’s next you ask??? Well I have a few ideas. All I know is this series is so damn thrilling and it will still never be enough!!!!


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